Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx?

Similarly, Can you sell shoes back to StockX?

We are unable to give refunds, exchanges, or swaps due to the anonymity nature of our live market, especially if you got the incorrect size. The good news is that if you no longer desire your item, you can always resale it with us.

Also, it is asked, Can you sell used shoes without box on StockX?

Keep in mind that all sales must contain the original, exact box with the lid and the box label stating the matching shoe size, just as they would in a typical retail store.

Secondly, Can you sell used items in StockX?

We only accept deadstock items at StockX, which means that all footwear, clothes, accessories, collectibles, and gadgets must be genuine, fresh, and unworn.”

Also, Does StockX return fake shoes?

StockX is under no duty to return things that do not match the description (for example, if the item is not new and unworn, is not the right size, or does not come with the original packaging), or are counterfeit (in which case StockX may report the item to the appropriate authorities).

People also ask, Can I sell used shoes on goat?

You may resale your shoes in a variety of ways. You may sell them to friends, drop them off at huge consignment stores like Flight Club or Stadium Goods, post them on eBay, or use websites like StockX and apps like GOAT to sell them.

Related Questions and Answers

Does StockX have to be deadstock?

Deadstock shoes are those that are legitimate, new, and unused at the time of sale and are sold on StockX.

How much does StockX take from a sale?

What is the StockX Seller Program, and how does it work? What are Seller Levels and How Do I Use Them? 1n/a10.0 percent 239.5 percent 369.0 percent 4258.5 percent LevelSales RequiredBase Transaction Fee1n/a10.0 percent 239.5 percent 369.0 percent 4258.5 percent 1 more row to go

Is it hard to sell on StockX?

StockX is a simple way for a small firm to get into the market. It also sells handbags, watches, streetwear, and other collectibles, so there are plenty of options for diversification.

It is generally not criminal to resale an item that you have acquired legally. Once you’ve bought anything at a store, it’s yours to do with as you choose. Manufacturers often have little or no influence over a product until it has been sold to the first client.

How can I sell replicas legally?

Where can you lawfully sell replica items? Platforms on the internet. Under some situations, internet marketplaces such as eBay enable online vendors to offer imitation products. Both a physical store and an e-commerce website are available. Some localities allow you to open physical shops. Through the use of social media networks

Are StockX Jordans real?

In a federal court filing in the Southern District of New York on Tuesday, Nike stated that the shoes it had purchased and determined to be fake “had affixed to them StockX’s ‘Verified Authentic’ hangtag, and all came with a paper receipt from StockX in the shoe box stating that the condition of the shoes is ‘100 percent

How much money do I need to start reselling sneakers?

To begin reselling shoes, you’ll need at least $100 in your bank account to purchase enough inventory for a single day’s sales (you don’t want to be stranded with unsold inventory).

What is the best app to sell shoes on?

Kixify is a global marketplace where individuals can connect, find, sell, and purchase one-of-a-kind shoes. Find new or antique sneakers that you won’t find anywhere else.

How do you make money with StockX?

To earn money on StockX, merchants must source merchandise at cheaper pricing than on other online selling platforms (in other words, buy low sell high). On StockX, individuals sometimes sell shoes for less than retail, but the most expensive purchases are limited edition or hard-to-find footwear.

How long does it take for StockX to pay you?

1–5 working days

How much does StockX charge if you don’t ship?

a 15% discount

What is lowest ask on StockX?

You may place a “Ask” to specify how much you believe your item is worth. Buyers can only buy from the lowest Ask price, therefore if yours is the lowest, a Buyer will buy from you as soon as they can match your Ask price.

How do you avoid dead stock?

How to Stay Away From Dead Stock (and what to do with your current dead stock) Give in to your inventory management software. When it comes to preventing dead stock, inventory management software is the great leveler. “Aim little, miss small,” as the saying goes. Attempt to make better educated decisions. Dead stock may be sold in bundles or as a GWP. It should be donated.

What does GS mean on StockX?

Primary School

Is dropshipping permissible? Dropshipping is, in fact, legal. Many multinational merchants employ this online fulfillment approach.

Can I make a living reselling?

For many individuals, reselling is a full-fledged company, and despite how saturated the market has grown, it can still be a profitable venture provided you know what you’re doing. The options are limitless. I have acquaintances that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing comparable things to me.

Are deadstock shoes fake?

“An original, fresh, unworn pair of shoes is defined as “Deadstock” by StockX. They come with the original box, including the box lid and the box label identifying the shoe size, and are ready to sell in a store.

What does DS mean in Jordan shoes?


What does B grade shoes mean?

B. B-grade: A shoe that does not meet manufacturing requirements and is termed a “fault,” despite the fact that these flaws are frequently so little that we cannot see them.

Are replica sneakers illegal?

Purchasing counterfeit items is against the law. Bringing them into the US might result in civil or criminal fines, and buying counterfeit items typically promotes illicit activities like forced labor or human trafficking.

Can I sell replica sneakers?

Trademark infringement includes counterfeiting. It refers to the act of creating or selling counterfeit products or services using forged trademarks. A company that purposefully imitates the Adidas brand on shoes, for example, is guilty of counterfeiting.

Can I sell replica on Etsy?

On Etsy, unlicensed duplicates or copies of products are forbidden. Items that replicate an original product, especially by utilizing a brand’s name, logo, or protected design without the brand owner’s authorization, are considered counterfeit or unauthorized goods.

Do I have to pay duties on StockX?

It also gets better. We now include all relevant customs and taxes in the item’s original Ask price when purchasing from a seller outside of Canada. As a result, consumers will know the real cost of an item from the beginning of their transaction, with no surprises at checkout or during delivery.


Stockx is a website that allows users to buy and sell used shoes. It is a popular website for buying and selling used shoes. There are some rules about what you can and cannot do on the site, but there is no specific rule about selling used shoes.

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