Do Shoes Stretch Over Time Reddit?

Similarly, Do shoes shrink or stretch over time?

They shrink and stretch in reaction to the stress they are exposed to since they are composed of animal skin. As a result, when you put them on, they extend from the inside out. If you don’t wear them for a long time, they will shrink as a result of the pressure they are exposed to.

Also, it is asked, Does 0.5 shoe size make a difference?

It makes a significant difference. One issue is that one foot might be a half size bigger than the other. To fit your bigger foot, go up a size. If you run in a shoe that is too small, your toes might jam when your foot slides forward on downhills, resulting in black toe nails.

Secondly, Should your toes touch the end of shoes?

Your toes should be able to stretch out freely. Your toes should not be restricted or touch the shoe’s end. Your heel should be comfortably cupped in the rear of the shoe, ensuring that your foot does not slide out of the back.

Also, Will tight shoes break in?

As you wear your shoes, they will usually stretch on their own. Leather shoes, whether men’s dress shoes or women’s heels, will stretch with time and become more comfortable. If your shoes are too tight to wear in, try any of these simple techniques to stretch them up to half a size or so to suit your feet.

People also ask, Should you be able to wiggle your toes in shoes?

You need wiggle space in your toes to avoid blisters, calluses, and damaged toenails. When buying new shoes, you should be able to comfortably wiggle your toes in the toe box, and if you’re not sure how much space is adequate, utilize the “rule of thumb.”

Related Questions and Answers

Can wearing shoes too big hurt you?

As we all know, wearing a shoe that is too tight hurts your feet and may cause foot problems including blisters, bunions, and calluses. However, walking in an unnatural and dysfunctional manner is caused by wearing a shoe that is too large. This may result in major foot issues.

How long does it take shoes to stretch?

When using a shoe stretcher, how long does it take to stretch shoes? It might take anything from one night to 48 hours to extend your shoes using shoe stretchers.

Do sneakers loosen up?

Does it take time for running shoes to loosen up? Running shoes do not loosen up with time. They do, however, distort around the foot. And when they do that, it signifies the shoes were never meant to be worn.

Do leather shoes loosen up?

Don’t believe salespeople who tell you that a shoe should feel too tight and that the leather will stretch. Yes, leather will expand somewhat, but what you actually want is a “comfortably tight” fit.

Is it OK to go up half a shoe size?

Because one’s feet expand while they run, Christine Luff of suggests going up half a shoe size because it’s crucial to have enough of space in the toebox. Blisters or black toenails might occur if the toes are jammed into the front of the running shoe.

What can I do if my shoes are half a size too big?

If your shoe is too large across the length of your foot, full insoles are a great option, and they come in a number of materials and designs to fit your needs: Foam insoles — if you’re looking for overall stability and a tight fit in your shoes, foam insoles are the way to go.

Is it better for shoes to be tight or loose?

When looking for the ideal pair of shoes, keep in mind that they should be a snug fit, neither too tight or too loose. Because it is comfortable to wear, gives enough support, and allows your toes to wriggle a little, as well as your heel and ankle, it will not create blisters or feel confining.

Are shoes supposed to be tight at first Reddit?

Never choose a size in the hopes that it will stretch to fit. Your foot isn’t a sardine can. Although a shoe may be uncomfortable or stiff at first, it should never be painful.

Are new shoes supposed to hurt?

New shoes may be very uncomfortable and even painful at first, but quickly become the most comfortable pair you possess. Blisters, ingrown toenails, overpronation, unneeded rubbing, aching feet, and heel discomfort are all things you want to avoid, which is why going slow and steady is typically the best option.

How long do new shoes take to break in?

This is normal procedure for high-quality shoes, and it ensures your long-term comfort and happiness. The amount of time it takes to break in your shoes depends on the style, sole, leather, and personal preferences for how they should feel, but it usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks.

Will tight leather shoes stretch?

Leather shoes expand with use and mold to your feet, but they might feel tight and unpleasant when they’re new. It is possible to speed up the stretching process, and here are a few suggestions.

Where should your toe hit in a shoe?

From the tip of your longest toe to the end of the shoe, you should have around 3/8′′ to 1/2′′ of leeway as a rule of thumb (or toe). Your longest toe is not always your big toe. Choose shoes that are appropriate for your foot form.

How do you know if shoes are too small Reddit?

Your shoes may be too short and narrow for your feet if they are less than half a thumb width wide, and you should consider stepping up a size. Another of my friends was experiencing nerve pain behind his toes, probably as a result of his shoes being too tiny or thin.

How much difference is a half shoe size?

Do feet get bigger with age?

Is it true that people’s feet alter as they age? They don’t necessarily alter in size. However, as we become older, our feet may get broader rather than longer. They lose elasticity in the same manner that other body parts do – tissue becomes less tight, causing the arches to widen and droop.

Do socks affect shoe size?

Socks have a significant effect on how shoes fit, however footwear makers seldom prescribe a certain sock to their clients for the best fit (MISSED OPPORTUNITY ALERT!) The Effects of Socks on Shoe Fit Pressure on the forefoot 7.1 percent rise in nylon Thin Athletic Socks have increased by 49.6%. Cotton Crew Socks have increased by 48.5 percent. 67.1 percent rise in hiking socks 1 more row to go

Do shoe trees stretch shoes?

Will Shoe Trees be able to stretch your shoes? Shoe trees are not shoe stretchers, despite their appearance, and when used appropriately, they will not stretch shoes.

How do I make my shoes not hurt?

Please keep in mind that various shoes may need different procedures. Insoles might help you get a better fit. Insoles provide your foot a modest lift, reducing the amount of surface area in contact with the back of your heel. Socks with two pairs. Make use of moleskin. Pay a visit to the cobbler. Make use of the heat. Duct tape is a good option. For a better fit and comfort, use custom-made insoles.

How can I stop my shoes from hurting?

Try the following hacks: Socks should be worn. Between your foot and the shoe, they might function as a cushion. Toe caps or toe protection should be worn. They may protect toes from friction by cushioning them from the shoe. Insert insoles or shoe pads. These may aid in the prevention of abrasion in regions like your heels. Tape the area with paper tape.


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