Does Stockx Sell Fake Shoes?

Similarly, Is StockX trustworthy?

The quick answer is yes, it is completely legal. StockX is the genuine thing, with over 1,000 staff, six verification centers, and operations in almost 200 countries, so whether you’re looking for that holy grail sneaker, a luxury watch, or even a sought-after collectable, it’s the first place you should search!

Also, it is asked, Does StockX guarantee authenticity?

According to FN, StockX has a team of over 300 authenticators spread across 11 authentication sites with a 99.95 percent accuracy record. Stadium Goods Co-founder and CO-CEO Jed Stiller told FN, “Candidates must show their bona fides before they’re even considered for our authentication team.”

Secondly, Does goat sell fake shoes?

GOAT identified $72 million in counterfeit shoes in 2019, the most recent year for which the firm has comprehensive figures, up from $34 million the year before, and the amount is certain to rise in 2020, according to Lu.

Also, How long do StockX delivery take?

StockX aims to deliver all products to buyers within 7 to 12 business days.

People also ask, Can you get fakes from GOAT?

You may be confident that GOAT opposes the selling of illegal or counterfeit goods. On their resale marketplace, GOAT not only offers a trustworthy platform for market players (sellers and buyers), but they also check product authenticity to prevent counterfeits and knockoffs.

Related Questions and Answers

Does GOAT sell fake stuff?

Unlike other major resale sites, Goat uses professionally set and photographed photographs of the shoes for sale. It also serves as more than a middleman, requiring a thorough identification procedure prior to the packaging and shipping of shoes.

What happens if GOAT finds a fake?

If you submit us anything that we determine to be inauthentic or unsellable in our sole and reasonable judgment, the buyer will be repaid in full, and you will have the choice of having the items returned to you or disposed of by us.

What happens if StockX seller doesn’t ship shoes?

If you don’t ship the item within the allotted time period (usually two business days), or if you sell and ship StockX an item that doesn’t meet our condition guidelines and/or isn’t authentic or doesn’t exactly match the item as it is described on StockX in any way, your account may be subject to a penalty fee.

How does StockX shipping work?

Your shipping costs are subtracted from your overall compensation as a Seller. You will get a shipping label in your “My Account” area of the site after a transaction is completed. You are in charge of packing and delivering the package to the shipping carrier using the label given to you.

Where do GOAT shoes get verified?

To check authenticity, GOAT employs machine vision and a variety of Amazon Web Services capabilities, according to Shin. Shin added, “To validate whether the sneaker is legitimate or not, we employ a variety of heuristics and data points.” We have the world’s largest collection of shoes.

What happens if you fail StockX authentication?

You will be reimbursed your whole purchase amount if StockX is unable to match you with a new Seller as a consequence of your purchase failing verification.

Can u cancel a StockX order?

StockX goes to great lengths to validate everything and only accepts deadstock items. However, that assurance comes with a slew of restrictions on how you sell and purchase on StockX. This also implies that you cannot cancel an order placed on StockX. This may seem to be unjust, particularly if you committed a mistake.

What is StockX penalty fee?

You will not be compensated if your item does not match the condition requirements, is a fake, is not as described, or is not delivered on time. A $15 penalty or a fee equivalent to 15% of the transaction will be assessed.

Who delivers StockX?

Sellers in the majority of nations will ship through UPS, but sellers in specific Southeast Asian areas will ship using SF Express, DHL, or ECMS.

Where is StockX based?

Detroit is a city in the state of Michigan.

Is shipping free on StockX?

What’s the best way to obtain free StockX shipping? Unfortunately, StockX does not currently provide free delivery. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout, with trading cards costing $5 flat and everything else costing $13.95 sitewide.

How much do original Jordans cost?

The NBA’s decision to ban the original Air Jordan 1 (I) Black / Red sparked a frenzy for what many have described as the beginnings of sneaker culture. The price of the Original Air Jordan 1 (I) Black / Red has skyrocketed. Between $1,500 and $2,000 for a deadstock pair with box and hangtag.

Where are real Jordans made?

China is where Jordans are created. Air Jordans are manufactured by Nike, a global American firm known for their huge Swoosh. Since 1985, they’ve been manufacturing Jordan and have amassed a vast Jordan empire. They are, therefore, created in China.

How long does got take to verify?

It will take 1-2 days for us to authenticate your shoes when we get them.

Is GOAT always legit?

GOAT is a legitimate website, and the chances of being scammed are really slim. The app’s creators promise customers that they are doing all possible to ensure the authenticity of things sold on their site.

How do I verify my StockX account?

You know the drill: to confirm your user account, just click the “confirm email addressbutton. Check your trash mail first if you don’t get this confirmation email. If you can’t locate it in your junk mail, call us at 0508 STOCKX or send us an email.

How do I verify my card on StockX?

Click Action > Update in the Payout Center. The information should be updated. Confirm by clicking the button. After you’ve modified your destination account, you’ll get a verification email shortly after you’ve made the change.

How do I verify payment on StockX?

You’ll find “Buying Info” just below “Account Settings,” where you’ll pick the green-letteredEdit” option. Choose your new payment method from there. Complete the form by entering all of the required information and confirming your decision.

How long does it take StockX to reply?

Although response times may vary, we strive to serve you within 24 hours. Please submit just one request per problem to assist speed up the process. Inquiries are answered in the order in which they are received.

Does StockX have a contact number?

If you have any difficulty establishing a listing or participating in live auctions, please email us or phone us at 0508 STOCKX.

Does Eminem own StockX?

Gilbert, investment firms Battery Ventures and GV, as well as Scooter Braun, Jon Buscemi, Eminem, Joe Haden, Ted Leonsis, and Mark Wahlberg have all backed StockX. In February 2017, the firm raised $6 million.

How late will UPS deliver?

Aside from time-definite air deliveries, goods are normally delivered to houses between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (and occasionally later), and to commercial locations by the conclusion of business. Within that time frame, UPS is unable to set a precise delivery time.


StockX is a company that sells on-demand shoes. They have been called out for selling fake shoes, but they say that their products are authentic.

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